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When Poets Pray

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Flirting with a Fawn

August 12, 2019

Yesterday, I played peek-a-boo

   With a spindly-legged fawn.


Coming up the blacktop hill

    I heard a rustling in the woods.


My senses heightened,

   I turned and laid eyes on the gawky youngster.

      We stared at each other,

            Then stared some more.


I inched off the pavement towards a thin tree,

   Keeping twenty feet of distance between us.


She kept her gaze trained on me.


I peeked my head around the tree, then drew it back.

    Head cocked, she followed me.

Once again, I did the same.

     She mimicked me.


She lowered her head, then raised it.

   I followed suit.


Once, twice more we played.

   Tiring of the game, she gamboled away.

Swimming in Glory, Swimming in God

Swimming in Glory, Swimming in God

Welcome Gray Morning

Welcome Gray Morning